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Shimano make a huge range of parts for bikes.  We have a huge range of Shimano bits and peices in store, I don't think we will ever get them all listed here, please contact us if you are after something that isn't listed. Our range does include Shimano chains, shimano cassettes and other drive train components. If you want quality, reach for Shimano.

About the Shimano brand All Shimano product sold through Inner City Cycles - has been through the correct supply channels of Shimano Australia and is not black imported.  All Shimano chains, and cassettes carry the full and normal Shimano Warranty.

Shimano are the makers of the words most well known cycle components brand and have been making quality cycling components since 1921 - these cycling parts and accessories include components such as chains, cassettes, wheels, derailleurs, shoes, pedals and shifters.  Shimano chains for quality bicycle drive train components

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