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Ice Toolz
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Ice Toolz Y Socket Wrench 8, 9, 10mm
Great tool for working on older bikes.  Easier to use than long spanners on bake pads and ca..
Ex Tax: A$8.18
Ice Toolz Single Speed Chain Whip
Ex Tax: A$18.18
Ice Toolz Cable Cutters
Bike cables are really hard to cut even with really good side cutters, but with these Ice Toolz c..
Ex Tax: A$35.45
Ice Toolz 3 Way Allen Key Tool 4, 5, 6mm
This tool belongs in every cyclist tool box.  The 3 most common Allan key sizes for most mod..
Ex Tax: A$7.23
Ice Toolz Chain Whip
Chain Whip for removal of multi-speed freewheels or cassettes.  You will also need a cassett..
Ex Tax: A$13.18
Ice Toolz Chain Breaker - heat treated
Need to install a new chain on your bike? Want to give your chain a proper clean? You are most pr..
Ex Tax: A$16.36
Ice Toolz 4 Pin BMX Freewheel Remover
Standard BMX freewheel remover.  4 pins. ..
Ex Tax: A$13.64
Ice Toolz Comprehensive Tool kit
Crank puller for square or ISIS, Chain Breaker for 7,8,9,10 speed chains, 2, 2.5, 3 ,4 5, 6 allan..
Ex Tax: A$135.45
Ice Toolz Freewheel remover
This is the tool you need to remove a Shimano type 5, 6, or 7 speed freewheel. ..
Ex Tax: A$14.50
Ice Toolz Allen Key 5/6mm
Every cyclist needs at least a 5 and 6 mm allan key.  The absolute minimum you need in your ..
Ex Tax: A$5.41
Ice Toolz Cone Spanner 13/14
13mm is a common size for front wheel cones. This cone spanner made from Cr-Mo steel is tuff and ..
Ex Tax: A$6.32
Ice Toolz Chain Whip / 15mm / C Spanner
A must have tool for fixxie / single speed / track bike owners.  The C spanner is the tool t..
Ex Tax: A$22.73
Ice Toolz Essence Tool Kit
The IceToolz Essence Bike Tool Kit is ideal for home mechanics. Everything you need for..
Ex Tax: A$90.00
Ice Toolz Cone Spanner 15/16
15mm is a common size for rear wheel cones. This cone spanner made from Cr-Mo steel is tuff and w..
Ex Tax: A$6.32
Ice Toolz Storage Hook (Pair)
Set of hooks for screwing into woods or masonry to hang bikes from. ..
Ex Tax: A$7.23
Icetoolz Pedal Spanner 15mm
If you are after quality bicycle tools, than Icetoolz has become the benchmark.  This Pedal ..
Ex Tax: A$18.18
Ice Toolz Cone Spanner 17/18
This cone spanner is an unusual size, mostly found one BMX bikes.   This cone spanner made f..
Ex Tax: A$6.32
Ice Toolz Spoke Key (Shimano wheels)
You will need this tool to true up a variety of Shimano branded wheels. ..
Ex Tax: A$14.55
Ice Toolz Cassette Lock RIng Removal Tool
If you want to remove your Shimano style cassette from your bikes wheel for changing or cleaning,..
Ex Tax: A$14.50
Ice Toolz Red Spoke Key Wrench
The IceToolz Spoke Key Wrench Tool is a quality Cr-Mo spoke key, for 3.45mm/80 ga./0.13..
Ex Tax: A$6.82
Ice Toolz External Bottom Bracket Tool
For Campagnolo® Ultra-torque / Shimano® Hollowtech II / Truvativ® Howitzer compatible crank adapt..
Ex Tax: A$26.60
Ice Toolz Reflective Trouser Bands
Ice Toolz Reflective Trouser Bands feature 3M reflective tape for optimal night riding safety. ..
Ex Tax: A$7.27
Ice Toolz Spoke Key 10 - 15
This tool will suite multiple size nipple that you will find on most standard type bicycle wheel...
Ex Tax: A$7.27
Ice Toolz 2 Way Brush
Great brush for cleaning gunk out of your cassette sprockets and generally keeping you drive trai..
Ex Tax: A$9.09
Ice Toolz Allen Key Set 2 - 8mm
Great Allan keys for the home mechanic and much easier to use than a small multi tool.  the ..
Ex Tax: A$10.91
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