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Buying a Bike?

At Inner City Cycles we understand that buying a bike can be a daunting task, there are many variables and lots of people with advice, some of which is worth listening to, others.... but who is giving you good advice? Email us for more info..

So what do YOU plan on doing with your bike? Riding it of course! But where, how and with who? Why did you start to look at buying a bike - to get fit ? To ride MTB trails? To do tri's? To get to work? Are you likely to want to ride with other people? What bikes do they have - not the models, but the styles!
Different bike types include; Tri / Time Trial - Road - Flat Bar Road - Hybrid - Comfort MTB - MTB Hard Tail - MTB Dually
Hybrids - some people call these city bikes as they are NOT suitable for off-road (by this we mean full on MTBing) - great for bike paths, rides with the kids, commuting, general fitness. The feature of these bike is a very upright riding position and comfort comfort comfort. Our most popular Hybrids are from the Giant Cypress range. 
Comfort MTB - is a mash of a Hybrid with MTB size wheels - if you want a Hybrid and are prepared to trade of a higher gearing for the ability to go for the occasional bush bash - this is you!
A Triathlon bike or Time Trail bike - in Australian conditions is mostly used in long course triathlon. It features a steeper seat angle than a standard road bike, and normally comes with aerobars, aerobar shifters and an aerodynamic frame. If you are shooting for half - full Ironman - this could be you! We have a range of Felt TT bikes in store such as the Felt B14. 
Road bikes - for sport road racing or "normal" distance triathlon. Thin tyres (23mm standard), lightweight frames, and a higher gearing than all of the other bikes we stock. The competing attributes of road bikes are lightweight frames, Stiff frames around the pedal interface, and compliant frames to disipate as much road shock as possible. These attributes often conflict in the design process of a bike, and depending on your intended use of the bike, you may be more interested in one over another. For example, if you are not competing in criteriums, the frame stiffness may not be as important to you as the overall ride comfort of the bike. We have plenty of bikes with varying performance characteristics; its always hard to look past the Giant TCR composite, but for a more relaxed ride we have Giant's Defy range in store too. 
Flat Bar Road - These are a relatively new style of bike and are becoming very popular and very fast. A split between a Hybrid and a Road bike. Not as light, not quite as thin tyres as a road racing bike, but with some subtle comfort features - still a tallish gearing and quite nimble. Great for getting around, Sydney to the Gong, fast commuting and perhaps the odd small triathlon. Our most popular bikes in this section are Giant's Cross City range. 
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