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Cycle commuting is the way to go. It is cost effective, good for the environment and improves your health, fitness, finances and vitality for work.

You do not have to buy a new bike to ride to work, but an old rusty bike from your shed may not be the ideal choice; come in to the shop, or call us, and we'll give you some information on what you'll need to ditch the car or bus and start cycling to work! We can give your old bike a complete makeover and make it road worthy for your commute (see our Workshop page for details), or alternatively we can set you up with a new bike, ready to go.
If your commute is purely on road or sealed surfaces then the Giant Cross City range or the Felt QX 65 or any of the other bikes in the Felt QX range would suit that experience. Both brands have womens specific bicycles in their range so there is a bike to suit everyone! These bikes are fast commuting bicycles, and also great for fitness riding. 
We also stock all types of commuting accessories including Topeak accessories. Topeak MTX racks are a great system to allow you to carry various things and fit on a tracking system with the Topeak rack top bags, Topeak Panniers and even Topeak laptop bags. There are even Topeak rear baskets that fit on the same system, and quick release off to allow you to take the whole basket with you when not on the bike. We have a great rannge of shoes and pedals suitable for the commuter in store or available on line. 
The Giant Cypress range is a more comfort oriented commuting bicycle. The Cypress includes front suspension and is more upright than the Giant Cross City or Felt QX65. The bicycle tyres are wider and the seating position is more upright. Still a great commuter bike that allows you to cross terrain. 
We have a range of commuter friendly bikes that can be fitted for your individual needs, pop in and see our new 2012 range today! 
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