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Giant Advanced SL Bikes

Giant Advanced SL Bikes


Giant's range of professional level bicycles, the Advanced SL Range, is exclusive to Sydney's premium Giant Dealers in 2014. Inner City Cycles has been chosen to be one of these Advanced SL Dealers for Sydney and the greater Sydney area.
Offering a premium service to Sydney customers looking for the competitive edge. The Giant Advanced SL Range is complete from Road Racing, Road Comfort, Triathlon and Mountain Bike.

If you are looking for the ultimate in stiffness to weight ratio at the best prices then come and visit Sydney's Advanced SL Dealer in Glebe.


Professional-grade raw carbon material is woven in Giant's own composite factory to create the most cutting-edge frames available today. These frames feature the most advanced engineering and construction methods:

MATERIALS: Professional-grade raw carbon with the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio available today.

RESIN: Professional formula with Carbon Nanotube Technology (CNT), a microscopic polymer added to Giant's custom blended resin*. Acting like miniature buttresses, CNT strengthens the layers of composite. Frames featuring CNT are 14 percent more impact resistant than those without it.

FUSION PROCESS: This complex process involves hand weaving the top tube and seat tube together, then re-molding the area under heat and high pressure to unify the junction, resulting in a lighter, stronger frame than those with traditional molding.

CONTINUOUS FIBER TECHNOLOGY: This manufacturing process allows Giant to construct the front triangle of Advanced SL bicycles* with larger, and therefore fewer, sections of composite material. With fewer pieces and junctions, the frames are up to 100 grams lighter and significantly stronger.

*Found on select 2014 framesets

 The bikes in this sections represent bikes that we normally have available for purchase either from our floor stock or to order from our suppliers.  Our stock quantities in this section are not “live” and customers should telephone to confirm availability.


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